Advanced Beginners Agility (Level 2)

For those who wish to take agility to the next level we offers advanced agility course  to increase your skills.

This fun course will take you and your dog right through advanced agility skills to improve the speed over hurdles, through tunnels  and over contact equipment such as the A-frame and dog walk.

For dogs and puppies over 8 months of age who have completed Agility Level one.

In Agility Level One, you and your dog established the foundation work necessary to be a successful agility team.  You and your dog have decided agility is going to be lots of fun, so let’s go on to high school.

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Handler & Dog Skills:

  • Obstacle sequencing (negotiating a series of obstacles)
  • Body language
  • Verbal cues
  • Determining where to put a front or rear cross
  • Finding the most efficient path for your dog
  • Handling
  • Using body language to direct your dog
  • When to use verbal cues
  • How and when to do front & rear crosses
  • Proper footwork for positional cues
  • Decision-making to develop the best course strategy
  • Finding the most efficient path for your dog
  • Finding and working the dog’s line
  • Obstacle discrimination
  • Lead-outs and lead-out pivots
  • Straight lines vs. turns
  • Serpentines and threadles
  • 180’s and 270’s
  • Push-thrus
  •  Working your dog from a distance
  •  Acceleration and deceleration

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Class Structure:

Most agility classes are split into two groups of students and dogs, and both instructors have an opportunity to work with each group during the class (classes average 90 minutes in length).  This teaching plan allows each student/dog team generous practice time on the agility equipment (5 or 6 sequences per class), as well as more individualized attention from the instructors.

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Class Fees$155  for 6 week session

Consecutive classes, paid prior to or at the first class attended.

All classes meet once a week for approximately 6o to 7o minutes

All handlers wanting to do 3 or more classes- the fee is discounted to $100

Dogs need to be in good physical condition conducive to agility training.  Instructors will help make recommendations for the health and well-being of each individual dog.

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Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your class is to begin.  This gives you time to potty your dog and be ready for the start of your class

If there is a dog with special needs, like an ARF dog (aggressive, reactive or fearful), we highly recommend private lessons or enrolling in our classes to assist with behavioral issues to help set the dog up for success before enrolling in classes.

Class Schedule: To Be Announced