Speaking Up

August 25th, 2015

In my personal life, I am a very direct and honest person. I sometimes unintentionally offend those who prefer a more subtle approach. But in my professional life, my opinions are much more tempered. I can’t educate if I am not heard. Shaping works on people too. But I don’t believe in ignoring a potential…

Training Tips for Teaching Your Dog to Walk on a Leash

August 4th, 2015

    Teach Impulse Control Puppies tend to be enthusiastic about the world; they have a hard time not approaching every new thing with gusto. This behavior can make taking a walk with you – a slow human who walks in a straight line at a leisurely pace – very challenging for your pooch! Start teaching…

What to do about a fearful Dog

July 22nd, 2015

 President Franklin Roosevelt once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” He said this in his first inaugural speech in 1933, when the country was in the middle of the worst depression it had ever experienced, but his words still apply to this day. He further described that fear as “nameless,…