For those of who have never been to the Pet People On Falls of Neuse. You are missing out. It is huge and such a beautiful store. They carry high quality products food, toys, treats, antlers and so on. Plus the manager is awesome. Go check it out when the weather clears up. Training Your Best Friend LLC is very happy to announce that we are teaching class here.

We are proud and excited to announce that our New Facility is set to open between April. I am hoping it will be finished sooner. Bringing you 5000 square footage of a beautiful training facility and Day camp training and Fitness Center in Wakefield behind Dunkin Donuts.

Training Your Best Friend LLC will be offering agility classes along Puppy Agility class, Treiball, Rally Obedience, Nosework, along with other specialty classes.

Of course we will continue Basic Obedience level one and Level Two, Puppy Kindergarten, Public manners, Canine Good Citizens, Pet Therapy, Fearful Fido and Reactive Rover and much more.

Training Your Best Friend LLC is truly dedicated to high standard of Training. If you have ever been in my class or trained with me personally, You know that I deeply care about the welfare of dogs and all animals. As a Parent of eight dogs and two cats and previous parents of over hundred of dogs and many other pets, I understand the importance of training. Opening my own facility has been along time dream for me, I have a new and exciting vision for the future of training. Pictured below is a photo  my neighbor’s dog – Zoey that has come to stay at my home five days a week . she was having some fear issues. Well look at the happy girl. Zoey has learned to be a happy fulfilled member of my pack.


Our Day camp training will be like no other. Every dog that comes to us will be treated like family, loved, nurtured and extremely well. taken care of. Our program is to be unique, I have always felt that a day camp training must be much more than dogs playing together and being trained for only a hour. Your dog will stay busy as our place. Not only will every dog will be walked twice per day, we will teach them to agility, basic obedience commands, hand signals, door manners, nose work , fun brain games, and learning to relax in their place. Yes they relax and have downtime But they will also be having fun Your dog will have ample opportunity to learn good manners and obedience along with having a grand ole time.

This is my promise to you. At the end of the day, your dog will go home with you happy, fulfilled and fully trained. We ask that you keep up the training at home to reinforce what he had learned. All dogs are expected to have ON the correct training equipment such a correct leash for your size dog, easy walk harness for dogs 25 lbs. and up .Smaller dogs are be on harnesses.
We ask that you keep up the training at home, otherwise it is a loss. In order for dogs to be trained correctly, you also have to the work. My neighbors see me all the time walking and training my dogs on a daily basis.

I will posting more information on my website soon and the date of our Open House! We are very excited to bring to you the best training to you and Your Best Friend. Your dog’s home away from Home!

Training Your Best Friend LLC Day Camp, a Gym for Your Dog, offers the only Day Fitness and Care program of its kind. Located in Wakefield in Raleigh, the Barking Dog Fitness Day Fitness and Care program takes the concept of doggie day camp to a new level by including structured exercise sessions into each dog’s daily stay

Day Camp is a great way for your dog to spend the day in  and become your confident well-trained fit pet. Our experienced trainers will fitness train, walk and socialize your dog(s) at our 5000 square ft. climate-controlled  Dog Training and Fitness Day Camp work or away for the day.

Canine fitness training includes walks, a supervised workout on the Dog Pacer treadmill, confidence-building work on our agility course, and obedience training.

The dog day camp includes dog walking, feeding, properly caring for the dog, per individual requests of each client.Our dog day camp specialists know the proper rules of taking care of dogs and undergo an intensive training to receive qualification to work at Training Your Best Friend LLC.

The first rule for good results in dog training is stability and a proper system used for training. Not every owner has enough free time to work with his or her dog  more than once a day, not to mention three or four times a day.

Training for canines includes changing the habits of dogs, including the bad ones, such as pulling on the leash, not coming when called, door dashing, ruining furniture and books, swiping food from the table and counter tops. The dog will go through all this training with our trainers to change bad habit into new daily routines.