Professional Dog Trainer and Dog Behavior Expert for the Raleigh and Wake Forest areas.

Gizmo and me

Training Dogs is second nature to me. I have loved animals my entire life.  I firmly believe and attest to the saying” Dogs are truly Man’s best friend”. 

My first experience of working with dogs was pet sitting for family, neighbors, friends and co workers. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of bonding with their sweet furry companions . This soon led me to be the founder of my own pet sitting business ” Critter Sitters” which I owned and operated for 16 years. 

I truly believe that God has given me the talent to work with all animals; specifically canines. I understand their instincts, behavior patterns and the importance of proper training. I am the owner and founder of Training Your Best Friend LLC serving Raleigh, Wake Forest, Youngsville, Rolesville, Louisburg and Creedmoor. I  take great pride in my work of dog training and helping dog owners achieve their obedience goals. I have  helped many dogs and their owners with many dog training applications.  I have  saved hundreds dogs from being euthanized and assisted dog owners with building a great relationship with their dogs by developing a line of effective communication through positive reinforcement.

Currently, I am the proud parent of eight  wonderful happy well mannered dogs. My pack includes two beautiful Collies (Scout & Champ), my Border Collie mix ( Josie), my Dalmatian/ Terrier ( Serena), my sweet Shih Tzu ( Gizmo), my precious Chihuahua (Abbey), My Lab and best buddy Toby, Toby is a sweet  loving, happy, well balanced adoring Lab that I rescued  from a hit -n- run. He came to live with me after two weeks of hospital stay and having surgery on his broken jaw and injured leg. Despite his horrific experience of being left to die and his  suffering due to the hit n run driver, Toby is the most loving well mannered and great temperament canine that just fits in so well with my pack. He loves his new home and new buddies. A perfect addition to my family. Finally- My most recent addition, McKenna- My Gorgeous Border Collie Mix.  I also have two loving cats of which I adore, my Ragdoll- (Brandy) and my Calico- (Prissy) that share my home with my canines. My canines and felines not only  love each other. they respect each other’s boundaries. When they are not playing with each other or  with their toys, they are settled down and  snuggling together. One of my greatest joys in life  is caring for and spending time with my best friends.DSC_6136

If you are looking for experience in canine behavior and training, then I am the only trainer you will ever need. With over 35 years of  working with animals and dog training, my mission is to a build stronger, healthier, happier relationships between you and your dog(s). My training reinforces trust and positive communication with a clear understanding of rank.

I specialize in  behavioral problems such as aggression, fear, dominance, phobias , separation anxiety and all other unwanted behaviors. My training consist of improving obedience by improving the understanding and relationships of dogs and their owners. 

With love, patience and consistent training, all dogs can learn to trust their human parent and become the well balanced happy fulfilled canine that they are meant  to be. 


True freedom comes only through proper training. Together, we  will develop leadership skills and socialize your dog. With a firm combination of loving and patient training methods, you and I will turn your four legged  friend into a well mannered dog. I  train with the goal of setting your dog up for success. 

What I share with you is the truth of my life experiences and training. These are things that I have learned and experienced and observed, working with hundreds of dogs and being the proud parent of several packs for all my life. I believe from the deepest place in my heart that it is my mission to help dogs and spend my life learning everything they have to teach me. I see my career with dogs as an eternal education. I am the student and they are my teachers.