Christie is as dedicated and successful a trainer as you will find…

I called Christie to come to my home to help me train my standard poodle puppy, Delia. I was immediately impressed by Christie’s positive outlook and strong, calm demeanor with my dog. The main problems we faced, as so many dog owners do, were jumping on people who came to visit and pulling on the lead when walking. Christie gave me a number of helpful suggestions, such as the type of collar and lead to use, and how to stop periodically while walking and “sit and stay” my puppy so that she would know I was the “pack leader.” Christie also made a number of suggestions for toys that would entertain my dog and keep her curious and stimulated to give me a break!

Now, in Christie’s Training Your Best Friend class, we are working on some of these same techniques, but in an environment with other dogs and people present. Christie can and will work with any dog, and she never gives up on one. I believe that through her class and continuing with her approach to training, my lively, high energy, intelligent dog will grow into a companion anyone would desire. Christie is as dedicated and successful a trainer as you will find and a pleasure to watch as she interacts in her clam, assertive manner with all dogs. I recommend her highly.