Meet Abbey…

Meet Abbey…she is almost 3 years old. We got her when she was two from a shelter. She was timid and lacked self-confidence to the point when you tried to pet her or she got caught doing something that she was not suppose to be doing (i.e., digging paper out of the waste baskets), she would always wet on the floor. As with most Chihuahuas, she suffered from fear-aggression and pulled excessively on her leach when being walked. She did respond to her name when called but recognized no other voice commands. That was Abby before we met Christie Fernandez, of Training Your Best Friend. After just one session with Christie, Abby knew how to sit, stay, stop barking when someone enters the room (somewhat), and walk under control on a leash. Christie has taught us how to become the pack-leader and reinforce what she had started with Abbey and by doing so I must say that Abbey responds exceedingly well. It was if by learning new commands, she built self-confidence. She no longer wets the floor, she responds to all commands we give her, and best of all, she only does her “business” in the natural areas of the yard and never on the grass. No, Abbey is not perfect, she still rambles through the waste baskets from time to time.

Abbey has turned out to be a very smart pet and has developed her own personality thanks to Christie. We strongly recommend that you let Christie train you and your pet. It is vital that you as the owner re-enforce what Christie teaches your pet.