Christie is a huge fan of Pit Bulls and is dedicated to helping…

Check out my girl! I am so proud of Raven! For the ones that know us – Raven was a handful in the beginning and I tried numerous trainers to help me with her. A huge thanks to Christie Fernandez with Training Your Best Friend for believing in her despite her breed and continuing to work with us! Christie is a huge fan of Pit Bulls and is dedicated to helping the dog/owner be successful! Becoming a breed ambassador is as much of a responsibility of the owner as it is of the pit bull at the end of the leash! WE love you!!

Her training saved Biscuit’s life…

Christie Fernandez…her class helped Biscuit (a rescue ) and us so much….her training saved Biscuit’s life…we can now help him navigate over the bridge of trust…thank you again!!

This class saved our pet….all of us now know how to intervene and to help Biscuit feel safe…and live with less fear…if you have a pet who is “reactive”…give Christie Fernandez a call…time with your pet can become enjoyable! Biscuit says “Thanks Christie!”

This was so much fun!

My challenging Mei-Ling graduated from Puppy Kindergarten-it was a lot of work, but so worth it! Highly recommend Training Your Best Friend, if you have a fur baby that needs any kind of obedience training.

This was so much fun! Thank you Christie-you have taught me and Me-Ling so much and will be forever grateful!

Before, it was such a hopeless feeling but now we all have hope!

Thank you for the wonderful classes these past 4 weeks.  It did go so fast and we hated to see them end.  You did so much in helping me get going in the right direction with Glory.  Before, I felt like I was floundering and didn’t know if I was helping or hurting her.  Now I feel like there is a plan, a slow slow plan, that we are working toward the right goal and that we will get there.   I know that everyone else in the class feels the same way and you could see it on their faces when we were walking thru the shopping areas Monday night.  Everyone had more confidence and so did the dogs.   Before, it was such a hopeless feeling but now we all have hope!

A very knowledgeable and passionate trainer…

Christie is a very knowledgeable and passionate trainer. There is no doubt that she absolutely loves what she does and wants the best for the animals she works with! She is able to see the good in all dogs and will tell you exactly how it is. I highly recommend her for dogs with behavioral problems and for socialization in general! Thank you Christie for all you do for the dogs in our area!!!

We really enjoyed the class…

I just wanted to say thanks so much for helping Jeff and I help Mandy to be an even better pet than she already is. We really enjoyed the class and I know that working with her will be the key and we are committed!

You’re a great trainer…

We really enjoyed the classes and hope to take another class in the future

I’m thinking of trying the “tricks” class but we’ll have to wait until our schedules aren’t quite so busy. You’re a great trainer – thanks for all your help!

Kind regards,