Dogs have a unique capacity for emotion. Unfortunately, they do not have the spoken word to rely on when trying to communicate their fears and stresses. Sometimes they experience the world much differently than we expect. And these perceptions can trigger new, and for most, unexpected behaviors. Keeping in mind that anxiety is the underpinning of all aggressive displays, Training Your Best Friend LLC focuses on addressing the root of the anxiety to change the behavior. A dog that is punished or treated negatively for simply showing us how he/she is feeling, regardless of how that looks, will continue to get worst until the desired result is achieved. This is typically relief from the stressor.


The philosophy of Training Your Best Friend LLC is to provide positive and practical solutions to behavior issues that dog owners may experience. If you suspect that your dog is struggling with some kind of emotional distress and exhibiting questionable behavior, let us know. We can schedule an evaluation which includes a written assessment and a training plan outline. After the evaluation, the behavior plan is implemented. Your dog can make progress. Please note that some issues are a matter of management and adjustment. Unwanted behavior can be modified but aggression can not be “cured.” Any trainer who suggested using methods involving pain or dominance to “fix” you dog should be avoided.

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Training Your Best Friend LLC believes in approaching your dog’s well-being through positive reinforcement based training, examining all factors that contribute to canine behavior and development, and ensuring that your dog’s training experience is built to meet their individual needs.


We provide group classes, private one-on-one instruction and canine behavior education. Our training is based on the principals of learning and behavior through positive reinforcement training guidelines and provides effective dog training solutions for families and individuals. Our commitment is to provide training and educational services to our clients that respect the physical, emotional and environmental well-being of their canine companion.


Our Reactive Rover  and Fearful Fido Classes are the most sought out Behavioral Classes in the Triangle! If your Best Friend is experiencing Aggressive , Fearful Timid or any other Behavioral issues- Contact us today.

From basic obedience to advanced behavior modification, we can help improve the bond with your dog through clear communication and mutual understanding.

Our goal is to educate dog owners to better understand the nature of their dog’s behavior problems, and to embrace the dog’s strengths and weaknesses in order to achieve Training Success.

When Dogs and Humans connect on a meaningful level, and communicate without hinder, there are few limits to what can be achieved.”