Birthday Dogs

Birthday Parties for your Pooch

Come celebrate your pooch’s birthday at Training Your Best Friend location, at the beautiful Cr Celebrate in Style and luxury at this Gorgeous venue!! Your pooch will be pampered, indulged  and treated  like a celebrity for his/her birthday .

We offer a 2 hour party rental. Choose a theme, decorate to your doggie’s liking. We will provide the coordinator, games and idea for your dog’s shin  dig.

Fun inside dog birthday party games can include something as simple as providing each guest (the 4-legged kind) with a dog toy that can be filled with a special treat. That will usually keep them entertained for quite a while! A talent show showcasing each dog’s special trick can also provide lots of laughs and is a great way to include everyone in the celebration. Another fun idea is to have a “look-alike” contest, where your guests vote which dog/human combination look the most alike.  Have your guests bring some dress-up clothes for their dogs, and have a beauty contest.

Hosting your best friend’s party  out doors is a lot  of fun, exciting  and a bit more rambunctious. We will provide balls and Frisbees, Ropes for tug-of-war! Relay races! Agility races! The possibilities are endless. It’s a great idea especially in hot weather to cool the doggies down. We provide a small kiddie pool filled with cool water for your guests to refresh themselves in. You can provide fun games like tossing  a dog treat in the pool, and time your guests to see who can retrieve the treat the fastest. 
Birthday doggie
There are endless possibilities for hosting your best friend’s party at Training Your Best Friend location.

Reserve your spot now to host the event your dog will love you for!

$150 for 2 hour rental