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     Christie’s Charm School


  Creating a lifetime Relationship with your companion



 * Initial consultation with you and your dog to evaluate what your needs are                                

 * 2-5 weekly one-hour sessions with just your dog (you don’t have to be present)

 * Wrap-up session with you to show you how and what your dog has learned


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Due to your busy schedule you may not have the time that is necessary to teach your dog what you would like him to know. With our Private Day Training, we come to your home while you are out at work or away on travel. We do all the training, so you don’t have to. We’ll show you how to continue to reinforce the good behaviors when we’re done to maintain the training we have started. We use all positive training techniques so you need not be worried about sending your dog to a “doggy boot camp” or facility where they could be using techniques which are aversive or hurtful to your dog. You have unlimited follow-up support up to 6 months after, through phone and email.

With our PRIVATE DAY TRAINING, we provide in-home Basic Good Manners training packages that teach your dog behaviors such as Sit, Down, Wait, Trade, Leave It, Polite Greetings, Loose Leash Walking and Recalls (coming when called). We also work with any behavioral issues that your dog may have such as Leash Reactivity, Fear/Anxiety Issues, Aggression, Excessive Barking, and more.

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Training your dog is an important factor in guiding him or her to be a happy, confident member of your family. The bond that forms when training is critical. The methods that we use at Training Your Best Friend help strengthen that bond. Through the use of positive training techniques, your dog learns to trust you and become more self-assured. With private sessions, you can be more flexible with your schedule. Our private sessions are great for dogs that may not be ready for a group class setting. Dogs that are fearful or aggressive toward other dogs may not be good candidates for group classes, but still need to learn. Private sessions allow for a more personal, one on one experience for you and your dog.

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We help your dog learn desired behaviors by positively reinforcing them, and decrease undesired behaviors by eliminating reinforcement of them. We don’t advocate a human/dog relationship based on fear and/or coercion, and do not support or use choke collars, prong collars, shock collars or any aversive techniques that may damage your dogs trust in you or in humankind. You’ve made a long term commitment that requires teaching, guidance and love.


CHARM School In-Home Day Training Program

Christie’s CHARM School In-Home Day Training program is a great way to supplement the training you’re already doing, but while you’re at work!

Christie uses positive reinforcement to change habits and reinforce manners (CHARM) and also work on advanced leash walking, front door manners, and impulse control behaviors. Not only does your dog develop improved manners while being mentally stimulated and physically tired out, you get peace-of-mind that your dog is having a great time. With over 25 years of working  with dogs , Christie has the knowledge and experience working with behavioral issues and enjoys helping each and every dog reach his or her full potential. As a responsible compassionate trainer, you can  rest assured that she  will never use prong collars, choke chains, shock or vibrating collars, or any form or force or pain while working with your dog. Your dog is a loved and valued member of your family and Christie will treat each dog as if he or she is one of her own. This customizable, individual in-home program has been designed to fit into busy schedules so that it’s one less task you have to worry about.

Who benefits from CHARM SCHOOL?

  • Pet parents who work long hours, need additional help with training, have multiple dogs, or have a dog with separation anxiety. CHARM School always includes a training walk and potty break.
  • People with reactive dogs who want help walking their dog (aggressive dogs need to finish a behavior program with Christie first)
  • Anyone who needs help changing doggie habits and reinforcing manners
  • Your dog!


(for up to 2 dogs. Please call if you have 3 or more dogs for pricing):

Initial Consult- $135.00

2 In- Home session: $200.00

3 In- Home Session: $300.00

5 In- Home Session: $500.00

7 In- Home Session: $700.00

10 In Home Session: $1,000.00

To enroll your dog in CHARM School, please email Christie or call 919-368-5873