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So you think your dog can dance? Then check out Canine Freestyle, a fascinating dog sport in which dog and handler perform a choreographed routine to music.

If you are looking for a dog sport that also allows creativity on the part of the handler, Canine Freestyle could be a great fit. Known as ‘Heel To Music’ in the UK, routines are often designed so that the dog and handler move in sync to the beat of the music.

In some cases, the dog and handler participate in what is known as ‘freestyle heeling,’ where the dog does not leave the heel position throughout the routine. During ‘musical freestyle,’ the heel work is combined with other moves that involve sending the dog away from heel position and the handler.

Using verbal cues and body language, the handler is able to communicate to the dog the precise moment and body movement that the dog needs to make. The sport combines the breathtaking creativity of a dog and handler moving in unison with their chosen song, and also celebrates the graceful abilities of dogs.

Canine Freestyle is a great dog sport choice if you are looking for a creative way to work and bond more closely with your dog. It is a great choice for a dog of any breed or breed mix, and it can be a great way to exercise your dog, and yourself, too!

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Dog Dancing also known as Heel Work  or Free Style is a fun class for you and your dog. Our Beginner Dog Dance Class is a great to exercise for you and your dog. You will have a great time while building a stronger bond with your dog.

Learn how to teach your dog to spin, weave, twirl, bow, do the “dog trot” and “dog cha cha  and other fun moves. This popular sport is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. We add a sequence of moves to music to create a dance routine you can show off to friends and family . We love training dogs- this class is a lot fun for clients and us!!

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Canine Musical Freestyle   – is a fun dog sport where the handler and dog dance together to a choreographed piece of music.You do not need to know how to dance to do this sport.

Our Dog Dancing Class emphasizes fun and the loving bond with your dog. You do not have to be a good dancer. Dogs with a wide range of obedience skills are welcome.  Dogs still working on basic obedience enjoy the movement of dancing, develop focus, and become better at taking instructions from their person. For more experienced dogs, dancing can be a fun type of advanced and creative obedience training.

Time to break out your dancing shoes- Start kicking it with your pooch. Our Canine Musical Freestyle Dance Class is a fun sport where the handler and dog dance together to a choreographed piece of music.  s a fun dog sport where the handler and dog dance together to a choreographed piece of music

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Obedience Behaviors   – We focus on basic obedience behaviors such as sit, down, stays and most importantly heeling and attention exercises.  These are essential for the success of both Rally-Obedienceand Canine Musical Freestyle.  These are also very useful behaviors for your dog to learn to make every day living in a family home easier. 

Tricks   – You may just want to take this class to teach your dog some fancy tricks and that is fine. 

Whatever your reasons for taking this class it will be fun for you and your canine partner.  You will exercising him both physically and mentally while strengthening the bond between you.  

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Musical freestyle is taking the dog world by storm. This fun class teaches you to literally dance with your dog! Learn the three learning games that help you teach your dog new behaviors and begin training on a fun doggie dancing routine!

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dog dance freestyle - 21 If dance classes are on your to-do list for 2016 but you are struggling to find a willing partner, you might want to consider enlisting your dog.  Come and join me  with your puppy or dog and let’s start Dancing!!

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Teaching your dog to DANCE WITH YOU is some of the most FUN you will ever have!

The class will help you create moves and transitions with your dogs that get you both DANCING!
You will learn about how to match music to your dances.
You will learn how to teach sets of moves that can be put together to create your own dance routine!
The sport begins with courses done while the dog is on the leash and advance to courses that require off leash performance.
The Class will repeat throughout the year and be a little different each time it is taught so that the same student can repeat the class each time it is offered and be able to advance their knowledge of the sport.

Freestyle Dance is an art and a sport that combines tricks with obedience moves to create performances set to music! Each dog and handler are FREE to develop their OWN STYLES and use their own Favorite Music!

Classes will be fun and stress creativity in developing dance moves based on the tricks and behaviors that your dog loves the most to perform for you!

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Once the dog have the dance down pat, I would love to take a group of volunteers with  performs in area nursing homes and other institutions.

“If we do a freestyle routine or just some tricks to brighten a person’s day or distract someone in pain, that’s a blessing and time well spent in dog school,”

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Do dogs enjoy dancing?  Of Course!  We’ve even heard of some dogs spontaneously incorporating their new moves into their play.We’ll all have a good time. Who knows — your dog might be a canine Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers just waiting for the chance to shine!

Prerequisite: You dog must have successfully completed Basic Obedience Level One and Level Two  

Class Schedule: To Be Announced