Loose Leash Walking Class

$135.00 for Five Weeks of Classes

Do you consider walking your dog to be a chore- One that involves tightly tied tennis shoes and a trip to your Chiropractor?  Then it’s time to join our Loose Leash Walking Class. Walking your dog should be enjoyable and a fun bonding experience for you and your dog.loose leash walking 4 Teaching a dog to loose leash is a foundation skill for every dog. Walking with another being does not come naturally for them. They normally move around independently. This seems like a obvious point, but it is one  that most people forget. Having a tight leash can cause frustration and leash aggression in many dogs due to a feeling of confinement.

Does your dog take you for a walk? Are you embarrassed to go out in public with your dog?!? Let’s save your back and shoulders before you pull a muscle or two. Our Loose Leash Walking class consists of four 60 minute sessions with you and your dog. We will work on leash handling skills, getting your dogs use to the feel of the loose leash, as well as different tools that we will use to help keep your dogs attention while on walks. We’ll walk outside with other dogs and distractions. We will also learn troubleshooting in case your dog gets overly excited by distractions, and show you tips on how to successfully pass other dogs while walking and how to keep your dog safe!

The goal of this class is to give you the skills to be able to teach your dog how to walk nicely beside you without pulling. It is not a class meant for a reactive dog that lunges and barks at approaching people and dogs. If you think your dog may be reactive, please give us a call to discuss this before signing up for this class.

This class will provide the structure you need to successfully teach your dog to walk on a loose leash with you, so the leash becomes the cue to stay close. Our class is designed for dogs of all ages who are comfortable around other dogs and strangers and best for dogs who pull and choke themselves on walks, or pull their owners down the street. In this class we will show you how to use positive reinforcement to keep Fido Close.

loose_leash_walkingOur Loose Leash training Class will teach your dog to stop pulling you during the walks. It is not a perfect heel which keeps your dog strictly by your side. It allows your dog to sniff and explore the neighborhood as long as you leave slack in his leash. In other words, your dog won’t be pulling your arm out of its socket as he lunges forward to get where he wants to go. Instead your dog will have to follow your lead in order to be allowed the  freedom to see the sights.

loose leash  walking 3

The Loose Leash Walking Class is  a five week/One hour class session and will practice Loose Leash in various locations; particularly in the presence of distractions in North Raleigh and Wake Forest area. The use of  distractions are integrated early  on so you and your dog know how to deal with them as they come up, as well as how to train for each one that is a challenge for your dog. This will give you more control and confidence when walking your dog. This five week course will teach both you and your companion together how to manage and respect the restrictions on a four foot leash. Our mission is help you walk your dog in a real world environment  and alleviate the stress you and your dog are experiencing.loose-leash-dog-walking 2Course Goals: Situational Awareness Students will understand the importance of and learn to always be aware of one’s surroundings, and be ready to respond proactively as needed to keep dogs and humans safe and comfortable.


Work at Dog’s level Students will understand the importance of and be able to set reasonable expectations for and  assess their dog’s behavior and progress based on one’s own skills, the dog’s experience and the surrounding situation.

Reinforcement & Motivation Students will understand  positive reinforcement  and be able to use this knowledge to affect positive training outcomes.

Handling & Focus Students understand the importance of  and be able to keep their dogs from being reinforced for undesired behaviors.

Problem Solving Students will be able to apply class learning to problem solve positive approaches to real life situations. loose-leash-dog-walking


The skills taught in this class are more than just walking properly on leash. Despite the dog’s challenges whether it be fear motivated, lack of impulse control, over excitement or long time practice of improper behavior, at the end of this course you and your dog will enjoy your walks, allowing more time on a walk and even an opportunity for you to do more with your dog.

After this course, jump right into our Master Loose Leash  Class and expand your practical skills through a higher  and generalized level of obedience.

Loose Leashing Training requirements:

4 foot Double Sided Nylon Leash               

 Easy Walk Harness       loose-leash-walking 2

No Prong Collars, Choke chains or Flexi Grip Leashes  allowed.

Class Schedule: June 27 ( 7 pm to 8 pm)

We will notify you after registration is completed to verify the location of first class.