Meet Our Dog Trainers


Megan Adcock:   

Megan is an intake coordinator and on the dog team for Franklin County Humane Society (a Megannon-profit rescue). Megan grew up with many animals all of her life. Her love for animals has always been clear. From an early age Megan has always tried to help animals in one way or another. She and her husband have four beautiful, very active Siberian Huskies. Megan loves to work with and teach her huskies new things using positive reinforcement. She also loves learning new training tips to help out her foster dogs who typically come from shelters and need work to get adopted. She really enjoys meeting new people and helping them with their fur babies! You’ll be hard-pressed to find an individual who is as  attentive and loves dogs like Megan!!


Billy Dewalt:                                                                           

Billy (401x535)Billy is an Army Veteran with a love of animals. He has owned and trained large and active dogs his entire life from Shepherds, Springer Spaniels, and Boxers.

Billy currently owns 2 boxers and uses positive reinforcement techniques to train and work with them. Billy prefers to work with active or working dog breeds and the challenges they present for ownership.

We are in the beginning stages of forming a class to teach clients how to run properly with their active breeds. Billy also instructs Basic Obedience and Puppy Kindergarten Classes. Billy shares his dog handling skills with a contagious smile and enthusiasm with every dog with whom he engages. His dedication to detail and thorough teaching is exactly what we strive for with all our Training Your Best Friend Team.



Robyn Melton:

Robyn Melton (545x545)

Robyn Melton always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian and working with dogs but, ended up majoring in art education and is currently a retired middle school art teacher. Loving dogs, Robyn has always had at least one or three as long as she can remember. Robyn has experience with large herding dogs having owned an Old English Sheep dog, and also raising and breeding Australian Shepherds. She currently has an almost 1 year old Aussie mix who loves lots of exercise. Robyn brings with her compassion, understanding and wisdom of creating and enhancing your relationship with your dog. Robyn assists me in Rally Obedience and the Reactive Rover.

You can spot Robyn on the field  Saturdays at our  Reactive Rover Class using her Beautiful Aussie Mix “Dakota”, as a decoy with leash reactive dogs. Robyn will also be assisting me in my New “Home Manners Class” as she will later teach this fun and much needed course. Robyn believes in the importance of training classes for a well- balanced dog and aims to have everyone who finishes her class feel as though are they are one step close to turning their dog into their dream dog. She truly enjoys helping owners and dogs build healthy relationships based on trust, respect and an emotional connection