Morgan Butler- Professional Dog Trainer

Morgan Butler

My passion and love for dogs is what inspired me to take part in the Obedience Dog Training Certification Program through Animal Behavior College. Dogs have been a part of my life since I was a child and I believe there is no bond like that of a person and their dog. I currently own an English Shepard Mix rescue named Captain and have done extensive training with him, getting him Canine Good Citizen Certified, and working towards becoming a Therapy Dog. If it was up to me, he would come everywhere with me, which is why I believe his training is worth the time and energy. When I am not working, I am taking time to play and further train Captain; anything from working on basic leash skills and public manners, to building confidence in the pool. I am also constantly studying different training methods and canine behavior to help me stay up to date with new techniques that could prove to be more effective. Seeing people form a bond and partnership with their dog through training is why I became a Certified Dog Trainer. I look forward to working with people to help them meet their individual goals and help form a never breaking bond between owner and dog.