Level Two Nose work

Continuing Nose work

 Now that you & your dog have been introduced to the target odor it’s time to introduce the new elements for competition – Vehicles & Exteriors. In this class we will continue to work on new concepts and work on your ability to read your dog. This 6-session class will be held at different locations There are no make up classes. Cost: $160.



This class advances the dog’s scent discrimination skills taught in the level two class. We will work on more difficult searches, pattern training, odor and wind, honing the skills and building stamina, work on handler leash skills, and how to cover a room in three minutes or less. overtime Eventually, over time dogs are doing interior, exterior and vehicle searches.

This 6 week class session is where we introduce the dogs to find specific odor. The class blends the dog’s scent discrimination skills, taught in the Introduction to Nose Work Class with odor. All dogs are taught to identify the competitive odors, Birch, Anise and Clove natural essential oils.

We introduce training techniques and tactics for building better dog/ handler teamwork.

The class will work on more difficult searches, in all elements ( interior, exterior, vehicle  containers as well as the handler’s skills. Soon dogs are not searching with just boxes, they progress rapidly – searching through different objects with different distractions and different elevations thus becoming more confident and skilled at this sport.

Throughout a dog & handler team’s training in K9 Nose Work, the emphasis will always be on creating learning experiences for the dog and supporting his independent problem solving, not commanding him to perform a series of tasks in a predetermined manner. K9 Nose Work is all about the dogs and all about celebrating their amazing abilities.\

Dogs love to participate in this sport and it helps build confidence and focus in your dog. This is a fun, positive training class, you will learn about basic (and Advanced) concepts in searching for odor, how to handle odor, how to make and place hides, and how to teach your dog a distinctive alert while staying focused on the odor. In this class we will introduce multiple scents – indoor/outdoor, vehicle searches, Buried scents, and Handler Discrimination.  At all stages the Dog must be made to feel it is successful, even if nothing is found during the exercise, a successful find MUST be immediately staged in the same session so the dog WINS.

Class Schedule:  To Be Announced