Public Manners Class is the perfect solution to socializing your companion.

This seven weeks one hour and half class focuses on advanced training skills with your dog in public. Together we will train your dog at various locations for real life effect. Further work on basic obedience commands, walking on a leash nicely, walking through a crowd, distractions, nice manners while sitting at restaurant, sit for petting, and walking by other dogs and people while on leash. We combine training with positive reinforcement on keeping your dog’s attention around distractions.

Our Canine Good Citizen program is sometimes combined with our Public Manners Students. For more information on our Canine Good Citizens curriculum, it is listed under our class descriptions. In order for to prepare for our Canine Good Citizens Class, your dog must have successfully com0leted our Basic Obedience Level One and Level Two Curriculum.

Taking your dog with you to all the places you love sure is fun – as long as he behaves himself and listens to what you say. Whether you’re walking in the park or sitting on the sidelines at your kids’ sports games, Our Public Manners class will teach your dog the right way to behave just about anywhere.

Our Public Manners Class is designed to offer great opportunities for you to put your dog in “real-world” situations while remaining in a controlled environment, allowing you to train your dog and establish the relationship and leadership you’ll need with your dog when you go out in public…

Did someone mention Starbucks!?! With your well-behaved dog, you can order a latté, sit relaxed at the café table without having your dog embarrass you!

Strengthen the Bond Between you and Your Dog!

Our Public class begins with an hour and half orientation. Our first day of implementing skills begins hands on training with your dog in the presence of distraction, other people and animals. You will learn controlled walking on a lead, good manners, handling and attention work.

You will also learn games for coming when called, reliable “sit” and “down” and further work of the “stay” command.

What is socialization?

Introducing and familiarizing a canine to new experiences – including people, places, objects, other animals – in ways that help the dog learn how to respond to and interact with these experiences appropriately and without fear.

Socialization does not end at puppyhood. While the foundation for good behavior is laid during the first few months, it is essential that dog owners encourage and reinforce social skills and responsiveness to commands throughout the dog’s life.

Steps to Socializing Your Pup or Dog

Interaction is key to socialization:

As pack animals and social beings, dogs need interaction with their owners, other people and other animals. The more you isolate the dog, and the less you interact with the dog, the more likely she will develop negative behaviors.

Part of interacting with a dog of any age involves consistently rewarding all desirable behaviors – thus increasing the likelihood the dog will repeat those behaviors – and to take steps to prevent the development of undesirable behavior.

The latter is usually accomplished by redirecting the dog’s energy into a positive behavior for which you can reward her, and when she does something “bad”, to ignore the undesired behavior. This is based on the principle that dogs typically engage in behaviors to get attention and/or obtain something they desire such as a treat, toy, special privilege or higher status.

Exposing a puppy or new dog to other friendly dogs is the best way to teach essential social skills. Playtime with other puppies and non-aggressive adult dogs enables a dog to learn how to talk and read “dog-ese” through appropriate interactions with and responses to other dogs’ body language. If this doesn’t happen during the pup’s critical learning period, well before the age of six months, you may end up with a canine whose inept use of physical and postural language gets him into trouble. Either he sends inappropriate messages or fails to respond appropriately to another dog’s message.dogs socializing

Routine and consistency result in happier, calmer and better socially integrated dogs. Be consistent; “no” should always mean no. And be fair; you can’t expect your dog to understand you unless you take the time to train and educate him. Dog folks help their dogs and themselves by polishing their canine parenting skills.

When a dog is confident in his owner, and when a dog is well-socialized, he can stay calm in potentially threatening situations in public and in the home.

This class will teach you how to communicate with your dog consistently in their language. We empower you to become the pack leader, so your dog feels comfortable, safe and looks up to you for guidance and the next command. This class is also a great way to socialize your dog with other dogs and people. You will learn the right way to introduce dogs to each other to avoid fights.

Skills you and your dog will learn together:

  • Mastering the walk
  • Teach your dog self-control during walks
  • Leadership skills when communicating come, stay, stop, barking
  • Learn & practice fun tricks
  • Learn how to properly introduce your dog to other dogs and people
  • Therapy Dog Training and Desensitization
  • The ability to control your dog in any real-life situations.
  • Politely walking past joggers, dogs, ducks, etc.
  • Preventing any arising public issues such as barking, lunging, snapping.
  • Sit/Down/Stay with real-life distractions.
  • Polite greetings, no jumping on the neighbor or jogger!
  • Wait rather than lunge unsafely out of cars.
  • Settling Down in public so you can enjoy a Starbucks coffee or lunch with your dog.
  • Off live frogs, dead frogs, trash during walks, ducks, strollers, joggers, etc.
  • Advanced Come in case your dog gets away from you.
  • Properly managing your dog’s day for the sake of your sanity.
  • Leadership skills so your dog will listen to you when you ask him to come, stop barking, stop jumping, etc.
  • How to teach your dog self-control so you can enjoy a calm dog at home and during walks
  • Field trips to public places to practice commands and manners
  • Practice new skills through fun exercises and games at the next level
  • Sit/Down/Stay with real life situations
  • Polite calm walks past joggers, bikes, dogs, ducks, rabbits & squirrels
  • Off live frogs, ducks, trash , left behind food etc.
  • Prevent barking, pulling, lunging , jumping
  • Settling down in public while you get coffee at Starbucks or having dinner outside a restaurant
  • Off your furniture
  • How to stop excessive barking at home
  • How to stop destructiveness
  • Proper equipment
  • How to properly meet strangers, children

Remember: Training is a life-long endeavor! It isn’t something you do
TO your dog, it is something you and your dog do together.

The same goes for socialization.

Your dog will learn how to behave like a champ at home, the park, at the lake, on vacation or just cruising around town with you . Take your dog to the next level of advanced manners and let him shine.

You will enjoy being the proud parent of such an extraordinary well behaved canine. Everyone will be amazed at how well your best friend listens to you.

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Class Schedule:

September  8

9 AM to 10:30 PM

7 week course

Dogs training together