dog fitness


Research has shown that dogs who are by themselves during the day rest up to 80% of the time, and dogs who are in a group rest up to 60% of the time, even with access to the “great outdoors.” It’s a myth that dogs in a group spend much of their day playing. They don’t. Just like us, dogs need reasons and motivation to physically exert themselves and get the exercise they need to stay healthy and happy.

We know how much people love their dogs and want them to stay as healthy as possible, but in today’s busy world, most people simply don’t have the time to give their dogs the right type and amount of exercise they need. That’s why we developed our unique Day Fitness and Care program, to help you with that responsibility. This program is not doggie daycare as people know it; the only similarity is that dogs spend the day with us and get to socialize with friends.

If you’re looking for a unique and healthy way for your dog to spend the day, look at Training Your Best Friend LLC Day Camp.

Unlike traditional doggie daycare, Training Your Best Friend LLC offers a Day Fitness and Care program where your dog will experience:

  • Personalized exercise workouts based on your fitness goals for your dog
  • One-on-one attention due to small class sizes
  • Mental stimulation, and
  • Lots of love!

Unlike other traditional doggie day camp, he or she will experience:

  • Two structured dog walks pls one midday potty break
  • Fun off leash play time
  • Rest, and Relaxation
  • A safe and healthy environment

Customized workout plans incorporate our dog treadmills, our -like strength and balance equipment, our climate controlled, Agility and other fitness equipment. Just like personal training for humans, workout sessions are conducted under careful guidance.

Our Day Camp -Fitness – Building strength, agility, and stamina through…

  • Strength, balance, coordination, and focus exercises