August 26, 2017

We had a great time at Puppy Kindergarten, and so did our dog. Morgan and Christie are super patient and helpful. We haven’t had a puppy in 20 years and they gave us lots of tips. Homework was very detailed and kept us on track…our boy has a great foundation now!! We have signed up for more classes.

Lisa Hammond

Puppy Kindergarten Graduation 8-24-17 071


August 8, 2017

Our little miss Koko is in training classes with mom at Training Your Best Friend LLC! She is doing so Good!

If you are looking for the best, most professional training, at an affordable cost look no further!

The Few, The Lucky, The Rescued.

koko 1














Koko 2


April 14, 2017

Check out my girl! I am so proud of Raven! For the ones that know us – Raven was a handful in the beginning and I tried numerous trainers to help me with her. A huge thanks to Christie Fernandez with Training Your Best Friend for believing in her despite her breed and continuing to work with us! Christie is a huge fan of Pit Bulls and is dedicated to helping the dog/owner be successful! Becoming a breed ambassador is as much of a responsibility of the owner as it is of the pit bull at the end of the leash! WE love you!!

Gina Langdon

Gina and Raven


February 27,2017

Christie Fernandez…her class helped Biscuit (a rescue ) and us so much….her training saved Biscuit’s life…we can now help him navigate over the bridge of trust…thank you again!! This class saved our pet….all of us now know how to intervene and to help Biscuit feel safe…and live with less fear…if you have a pet who is “reactive”…give Christie Fernandez a call…time with your pet can become enjoyable! Biscuit says “Thanks Christie!”

Leigh Slusher



Biscuit 1


February 16, 2017

My challenging Mei-Ling graduated from Puppy Kindergarten-it was a lot of work, but so worth it! Highly recommend Training Your Best Friend, if you have a fur baby that needs any kind of obedience training. This was so much fun! Thank you Christie-you have taught me and Me-Ling so much and will be forever grateful!

Faith Bilga

Puppy Kindergarten Graduation 2-16-17 161


January 6, 2017

Christie is awesome!! She has helped us with quite a few fosters that needed behavioral help.
Krissy Nicole- Founder & Owner of Furbaby Rescue of NC


June 10, 2016

Hi Christie,
Thank you for the wonderful classes these past 4 weeks.  It did go so fast and we hated to see them end.  You did so much in helping me get going in the right direction with Glory.  Before, I felt like I was floundering and didn’t know if I was helping or hurting her.  Now I feel like there is a plan, a slow slow plan, that we are working toward the right goal and that we will get there.   I know that everyone else in the class feels the same way and you could see it on their faces when we were walking thru the shopping areas Monday night.  Everyone had more confidence and so did the dogs.   Before, it was such a hopeless feeling but now we all have hope!
Pat Dawson

May 17, 2016

Christie is a very knowledgeable and passionate trainer. There is no doubt that she absolutely loves what she does and wants the best for the animals she works with! She is able to see the good in all dogs and will tell you exactly how it is. I highly recommend her for dogs with behavioral problems and for socialization in general! Thank you Christie for all you do for the dogs in our area!!!

Laura Honeycutt

Laura Honeycutt


May 12, 2016

I just wanted to say thanks so much for helping Jeff and I help Mandy to be an even better pet than she already is.   We really enjoyed the class and I know that working with her will be the key and we are committed!

Debbie Dyar



May 14, 2016

We really enjoyed the classes and hope to take another class in the future

I’m thinking of trying the “tricks” class but we’ll have to wait until our schedules aren’t quite so busy.  You’re a great trainer – thanks for all your help!

Kind regards,

Hilda   Venters


May 7, 2016

This has been the best training experience. My baby is a very reactive dog. Christie had given me the tools to help my baby.




April 30, 2016

Thank you so much Christie Fernandez for helping us with Iris. She has come a long way and we really appreciate you teaching us how to handle her! She was a rescue and we had never experienced this dog reactivity before and were not sure what to do with her! You were recommended and we can’t thank you enough!

Melissa McHugh



February 22, 2016

Christie Fernandez is awesome. She’s often very busy as she helps a lot of rescues, working with dogs that have behavior problems that might prevent them from finding or remaining in a home.

Dee K Hicks


February 10,2016

Christie has only the very best in her heart when it comes to these babies. She is an angel.

Susan Hamilton McBride


February 10,2016

We are very lucky to have Christie to help us at FCHS!!

Dana Gugliotti Lotz



February 11,2016

Christie is a great instructor and has so much to offer for class types, guidance, safety & fun

Melissa Shackford Arias




February 11,2016

We are proud of Shelly and thankful for your training and patience with all the doggies and humans


Joy and Glenn Musser




November 15,2015

Christie, You would have been so proud of Dakota this weekend! We took him with us this weekend to the beach and he got many compliments from hotel staff, guests, and random people while we were on the beach, on how well behaved he was. This all would not have been possible without you!!!! Thank you,Thank you!!! I even told a girl that noticed how well Dakota walked and sat not to use a water bottle to train her dog when she told me that was how she was trying to make her unruly dog behave. Mark and I are so happy to have you as our trainer!!!!!!!
Robyn Melton
Dakota 1

November 10, 2015

Thank you for helping me be a better doggy mom.

Diana Wright

dana wright


November 10, 2015

Your love for dogs and commitment to the success of all of your “furry students” also gives the owners a great feeling of accomplishment and pride! Thank you for everything that you have done! You are able to calm the wildest side with Trust and Love.

Robyn Melton





November 10, 2015

You are amazing, Christie! Your care and dedication to your clients really shows. It’s very obvious that you aren’t doing this just for money but for with a genuine love and concern for the dogs you work with.

Dee Hicks

Dee Hicks

November 10, 2015

Thank you Christie for your help with Chewy! He is such a great dog and the time in Fearful Fido helped him to gain confidence that he so desperately needed and strengthened the bond between him and I. We will definitely be joining you at the group walk!!

Jessica Jones


November 10, 2015

Christie has been a huge help for Jackson and I. Walks with Jackson prior to the class were very stressful. This class had us in real life locations where Christie could help us through anxious situations. We are both much more confident now. Thanks, Christie!

Martha Richardson


October 29, 2015

I have 2 Pit Bulls and have tried several different trainers for the last 2 years. My dogs are great inside but really needed some public manners. I have taken 2 classes so far with Christie and plan to continue. Her classes put you and your dog in REAL life situations! Each time you go to class you experience something new and learn how to set your dog up for success. Not only is Christie great with your dog using positive training methods but she is wonderful with the owners too! Who would have thought teaching your dog nice manners could be so much fun?Thanks for all you have done – Gina, Raven and Mr. Moo

October 25, 2015

FCHS would like to thank Christie Fernandez and Training Your Best Friend LLC

Christie is working with Denise Wooten Marshall and her foster dog BAILEY. Bailey is an amazing girl but on leash she can be reactive. She was struggling to get interest at events because of this. Christie has donated her time to Franklin County Humane Society of NC Fan Page and Bailey is improving every day. If you have a reactive dog please consider taking her class called Ferocious Fido. She has also worked with many of our fearful doggies and helped us do behavioral testing too.

On a personal note I took her public manners class and enjoyed it with my dog Chloe!!. Thank you Christie!!!

Dana Gugliotti Lotz


October 12, 2015

My boyfriend and I fell in love with our cane corso the minute we saw him. After researching the breed we realized the importance of early socialization and training. Rocco started puppy kindergarten a few days after we brought him home. Christie with Training Your Best Friend is amazing and really is knowledgeable when it comes to training.   She immediately formed a positive and trusting relationship with Rocco. She is consistent with using the same training techniques with each dog in her classes regardless of the breed. She not only trains the dogs but also the parents. She has helped us to understand training techniques and how important it is to continue training outside the classroom. Rocco has now graduated from Public Manners class and Good Canine Citizen class thanks to Christie. His next step is therapy dog school, which we plan to enroll him in soon. Many thanks to Christie for her amazing ability to help us understand how our dog thinks and to know his needs. We would highly recommend Training Your Best Friend to everyone as we already have!!

Tracy Gelfo

rocco 1

October 6, 2015

Christie is one of very few trainers I would highly recommend. Her use of positivity in training as well as behavior modification, and her ability to educate owners, is nothing short of amazing.

Susan Hamilton McBride


October 3,2015

Revel and I have taken Public Manners class with Christi. This class has been a tremendous help for both of us. Revel was very nervous with other dogs and new situations. In this class we were out in the real world, we went to parks, malls, neighborhoods, we interacted with many people, dogs, bikes, strollers etc. We walked together as a pack. Christi was very patient and positive with Revel. We both have gained confidence. I would recommend this class for anyone who wants to be able to take their dog out and feel comfortable in different situations. Carolyn Snyder


October 1, 2015

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Christie Fernandez. Miss Kimber was able to take her fearful fido class today. We started off having to carry her, she peed on my pants before class could even start. But in the end she was being walked around on leash and not being pulled like before. She has a ways to go but just the chance to take a class with Training Your Best Friend LLC was a wonderful first step for this foster doggie!!


 October 1,2015

Christie Fernandez is the best dog trainer out there! I highly recommend her!

Julye Charles Graham.


September 26,2015

We LOVE Christie!
Bo is a graduate of her Public Manners class as well as the Canine Good Citizen class.
Her no nonsense approach makes perfect sense and gets quick results. The public manners class was awesome because each class was held at a public place for real life circumstances! Bo really learned how to behave like an angel when out at restaurants, stores and crowded places. Now I can take him everywhere with me 🙂
Canine Good Citizen speaks for itself. It was a lot of work and practice on the owners/dogs part, but well worth the time spent. Christie was there every step of the way encouraging us through the whole course. She even makes the graduations special by taking pictures with diplomas!
Christie is great at what she does, because she is passionate about it.….she truly cares about all of her students! I learned a lot from Christie, and I feel that it has made me a better dog owner 🙂
Staci Barba and BO

September 24,2015

Basic Obedience with Christie has done wonders for our dog! Before we took him to class, I wondered if he was always going to be more than I could handle. Five weeks later, I feel like I have a new dog and so do our extended family members and neighbors!

Robyn Melton


July 20, 2015

I have a background that includes working with police canines and have seen many trainers teaching wild ideas to unsuspecting students. Ms. Christine seems to be very on-par with what works.

Robert King


July 14, 2015

I was extremely satisfied with Basic Obedience for my puppy given by Christie Fernandez, Professional Dog Trainer & Dog Behavior Expert with Training Your Best Friend in Wake Forest, NC. Her class was exceptional compared to training classes I have attended with puppies I have had in the past. Owners were not only instructed on teaching their pet basic commands, but also were given insight into a dog’s thought process and were provided with training on establishing leadership. While I had read about these theories in the past I had not encountered them in dog training classes. Actually being taught how to apply the theories in a hands-on manner is invaluable information. Christie also provides one on one trouble shooting for specific behaviors a pet owner is encountering with their dog. I appreciate her knowledge and experience and I know if I need training for or help with my current dog or any future dog I will not hesitate to contact Christie and get signed up for one of her classes. Christie is a true animal lover with a big heart and she wants the best for her people and dog clients! I highly recommend her services!

Julie              Julie1










June 8,2015

Our dog rebel was very fearful, territorial, and didn’t trust anyone before she started training with Christie. I have seen a huge improvement in her temperament and confidence since training through training your best friend. I’m so glad that I called Christie to help train rebel and I. It has made things a lot easier and we also love the public manners classes this gets her the socialization she needs to continue building trust and confidence. I would highly recommend training your best friend with any training needs. Thank you Christie for helping rebel. I don’t know what I would have done without your training!!

rebel 1








June 7, 2015

Gail Ramee

I took my 7 year old mixed breed to Public Manners class last Fall, she was a dog that was pretty smart but lacked so much confidence she cowered after 2 steps when I tried to take for a walk. She really benefitted from all the socialization she got in the public manners class. She loves her walks now. My dog was much improved. I would recommend Training my Best Friend to anyone, positive training and holding classes in shopping centers and parks and having the dogs around people and other dogs sure helped my dog to become much more confident and less inclined to respond by being fearful in almost any public situation.

gracie 1


May 21,2015                                                                                                       basic 74

Christie Fernandez trained our year old boxer and puppy starting at 8 weeks. They are both listening well and we still do the basic drills everyday. Well worth the time commitment. See ya next class Christie


Billy Dewalt









Duke 4

May 18.2015
I am amazed at the difference in my dog, Duke, in just 5 short weeks of training with Christie.  He was literally the worst dog in the class that first day but Christie gave me good tools to get him under control.  Walking Duke was a chore at first.  He was pulling and wanting to do his own thing but when I mastered the walk it was a pleasure to walk Duke.  He is much happier and much more calm.  He has mastered all the simple commands, sit, wait, stay.  I couldn’t have done it without Christie’s help and guidance.  Before the training I was so discouraged but Christie gave me hope and the result is a changed dog.  Thank you, Christie!!
Sheri Smith



April 14, 2015                                                                                            Odie

Want to thank Christie at Training Your Best Friend for her work with us and our dog Odie. When we started Odie was aggressive to other dogs and people and with his size very intimidating. I was not able to walk him in the neighborhood without him lunging and barking. After our first class with Christie I saw a change and after 4 weeks I no longer worry about taking him out and around people or other dogs!

Karen Neal





March 11,2015                                                                                                             Delia 2

I called Christie to come to my home to help me train my standard poodle puppy, Delia. I was immediately impressed by Christie’s positive outlook and strong, calm demeanor with my dog. The main problems we faced, as so many dog owners do, were jumping on people who came to visit and pulling on the lead when walking. Christie gave me a number of helpful suggestions, such as the type of collar and lead to use, and how to stop periodically while walking and “sit and stay” my puppy so that she would know I was the “pack leader.” Christie also made a number of suggestions for toys that would entertain my dog and keep her curious and stimulated to give me a break!

Now, in Christie’s Training Your Best Friend class, we are working on some of these same techniques, but in an environment with other dogs and people present. Christie can and will work with any dog, and she never gives up on one. I believe that through her class and continuing with her approach to training, my lively, high energy, intelligent dog will grow into a companion anyone would desire. Christie is as dedicated and successful a trainer as you will find and a pleasure to watch as she interacts in her clam, assertive manner with all dogs.  I recommend her highly.

 Cathy Bradley
December 28,2014
Two of my dogs are currently enrolled. Christie Fernandez does a great job! We have two more classes to go and have found her course to be extremely effective in training us and our dogs!
Kim Salerno
November 15, 2014
Hi Christie! Thanks so much for sending the certificate for Maddie! We are still practicing.  she is doing much better at walking.  Loved your class and would recommend to anyone!
Thanks again, Debbie Matthews
October 26, 2014
Hi Christie!
Halley is doing great! People are amazed at the difference in her attitude…and in our attitudes as well!
Our pit-mix,Halley, has been a problem in our home for three of her six years. Because of her fighting with our other dogs and her aggression towards visitors, we were forced to muzzle her. It broke our hearts, but we didn’t want to have to put her down. We took this 4 week Ferocious Fido class and saw a huge difference after the first week! Halley has been muzzle free for a month now and my husband and I are finally in charge. People have noticed the difference in her behavior and she is obviously a much happier dog! If anyone is considering this course, I can tell you it was the best money we ever spent! Our Halley would recommend it too! Christie is patient and knowledgeable. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about our experience.

We cant thank you enough for changing our lives and saving Halley’s!

Debbie Riebesehl
Halle- 101214

July 16, 2014

My six year old Schnoodle – Sydney was basically running and ruining my house.
She was territorial and would growl and show her teeth if she got a hold of something she should not have.
She also was peeing and pooping in the house on occasion. My family was at whits end with our little dog and we were even starting to search for another home for her.
Finally, I called Christie from TRAINING YOUR BEST FRIEND. Christie came to the house and spent several hours with my family and my dog.
In just one visit, Christie gave us the training methods and tools we needed to take control back into our hands. My awesome little dog is no longer displaying the negative behaviors of the past.

Thanks to Christie’s training techniques, we are able to keep our cute little furry friend and enjoy her more than ever.

Jay Elliot, Wake Forest


September 16, 2014

  A few years ago, our chocolate Lab named Maggie became sick. She was 10 yrs. old and an absolute angel. We also had 2yrs. old rescued Lab mix named Molly. Maggie was all that Molly ever had. She tormented Maggie daily. Molly wanted to play and Maggie wasn’t interested. When Maggie got sick- Molly slowed down and never left her side. It was an awful time for all of us! When Maggie died, Molly would go to our bedroom and not come down. She wouldn’t go for walks anymore and we were at a loss on how to help her. Somehow I found Christie and told her the problems. She came to our house to see her in person.  Molly- being a rescue was always slow to come to a new person.  For whatever reason, she went immediately to Christie. After interacting with her,Christie decided Molly needed to go to her house with all her animals, and learn how to be a dog. Unbelievably-Molly jumped in Christie’s car and sat down. Not her usual behavior. After three long weeks, Christie brought her back. She was happy, her tail was up and she was all full of energy. We can’t ever thank Christie enough because Molly’s heart was broken and she was getting more depressed every day. Now Molly has a new companion. Mattie is another Lab mix and she came to us when she was 4 months old.  Today the girls are happy, playful and love life. Christie made this possible and we are forever great full.

Sue Novotny


May 20, 2014

We recently adopted a Labragold ( 16 months old) from the Southeastern Guide Dog Academy in Tampa, FL. The dog had received basic training there, but was not eligible for further training, because he had a small cataract in one eye. Fortunately, he was placed up for adoption, and we received him on March 12, 2014.  We contacted Christie and made an appointment for her to come out and evaluate Flash. Christie spent an entire afternoon at our home getting to know us and Flash. She evaluated his current behavior, and gave us some very valuable suggestions for continuing his training. She then proceeded to work with Flash and show us exactly what we needed to do to continue his training at home. Consistency, consistency, consistency was the message that came through loud and clear! Within a couple days, Christie sent us a packet of information that detailed what she wanted us to focus on with Flash. She had so many unique and helpful suggestions that we could work on with him. She outlined the various obedience training exercises that we were to implement on a daily basis. When we need to review some of her instructions, we have this  information to turn to, readily. What a help! Christie is a very knowledgeable animal behaviorist. She has a sweet, calming influence on our dog. Flash sensed this immediately and responded in a positive way to her commands. We feel very blessed to have found this person, close to home, and so willing to give her time and experience to our beloved Flash. We recommend Christie without reservation. If you need help in training your dog, this is the person to whom you should turn-worth every cent! We could not be more satisfied with her approach. Plus, Christie stays in touch with us to make sure that things are progressing satisfactorily

John A. Efthemis              Joann Efthemis

Hi Christie!
I want to send a quick “thanks” your way.  We were so relieved to have you come to our home and help us learn how to work with Sophie.  We found your session to be extremely helpful.We are going to use the tools you’ve outlined in the attachment.  And, we definitely look forward to seeing you again soon and for Sophie’s training needs in the future.
Heather & Troy O’Donnell



Our dog Fox is a three year old Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, and he is all Terrier. He was high energy, rambunctious, and never wanted  to listen to us.

We found Christie Fernandez and Training Your Best Friend in Health magazine. We took Basic Obedience Class and have been so impressed with the new dog that Fox has become. Christie not only trained Fox, but she trained us as well.testimony_fox

Now Fox heels and does not pull when we walk him. He can sit, stay, and go down on command. Overall, Fox is a calmer, happier dog. He seems to enjoy knowing that we are in control and looks to us to tell him what to do. The most amazing thing is that he will not even go into the house or jump in the car without a command.

We would recommend Christie to anyone! We have had so much success with Fox that we are signing our other dog up for a class, and Fox will take another class as well. We had two trainers prior to Christie and had not had much success with Fox. Christie was a miracle worker. Do your dog a favor, and sign him/her up for a class with Christie.  –Todd and Emily Hales



Meet Abbey…she is almost 3 years old. We got her when she was two from a shelter. She was timid and lacked self-confidence to the point when you tried to pet her or she got caught doing something that she was not suppose to be doing (i.e., digging paper out of the waste baskets), she would always wet on the floor. As with most Chihuahuas, she suffered from fear-aggression and pulled excessively on her leach when being walked. She did respond to her name when called but recognized no other voice commands. That was Abby before we met Christie Fernandez, of Training Your Best Friend. After just one session with Christie, Abby knew how to sit, stay, stop barking when someone enters the room (somewhat), and walk under control on a leash. Christie has taught us how to become the pack-leader and reinforce what she had started with Abbey and by doing so I must say that Abbey responds exceedingly well. It was if by learning new commands, she built self-confidence. She no longer wets the floor, she responds to all commands we give her, and best of all, she only does her “business” in the natural areas of the yard and never on the grass. No, Abbey is not perfect, she still rambles through the waste baskets from time to time.

Abbey has turned out to be a very smart pet and has developed her own personality thanks to Christie. We strongly recommend that you let Christie train you and your pet. It is vital that you as the owner re-enforce what Christie teaches your pet.

Enroll today. You and your pet will be happier for it.

Charles and Dorothy Rainey
Pastor Charles Rainey
Cary First Christian Church