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We understand that many of our clients have busy schedules and cannot commit to a class, so we designed programs where the expert does the work for you. Training Your Best Friend LLC specializes in Leash Behavior. We are licensed and fully bonded.


Training Your Best Friend LLC is ready to help you create the harmonious relationship that every owner should have with their dog.  We use force free, reward based, and dog-friendly behavior modification techniques to help your dog behave more appropriately.

At Training Your Best Friend LLC, we aim to make your life easier by training your dog to walk nicely on a leash .

There are many reasons a Walk-n-Train package with Leash Behavior Specialist and Professional Dog Trainer Christie Fernandez  may work for you.

When on leash, does your dog:

  • Pull you everywhere you go?
  • Refuse to walk?
  • Drag you to every scent or tree?
  • Looking for squirrels to chase?
  • Have poor manners and lack of focus outdoors?
  • Barks at everything?
  • Lunges at people or dogs?
  • Has a bite history to people or dogs?
  • Exhibits fear of Motorcycles, Cars, Skateboards, Bikes, Joggers, other dogs, etc…
Contact us today to be quoted a customized package to fit your needs: 


Walk and Train is similar to your every day dog walking service but also very different. dogs sittingYour dog receives the exercise you want during the day while at the same time working on improving obedience skills each time he/she is out like perfecting  recall, stay with distraction, loose leash walking, polite social greetings and polite play with other dogs. Our Trainers leads a group of on-leash dogs on a walk and uses social pressure as well as food/play/praise rewards to improve your dog’s listening skills and manners. You will also receive updates on what is being practiced, new commands your dog will learn and things to work on at home to improve behavior. We highly recommend attending Group Training Obedience Classes with your dog in conjunction with a Walk & Train program to get the best results and learn the skills to keep training consistent.

How does a Walk and Train service work?


  1. Get in touch with Christie Fernandez to arrange a 30 minute meeting at your home to talk about your dog and make arrangements for Pick up and Drop off.
  2. Book a walking schedule for your dog (a regular schedule is recommended)
  3. Our Trainer arrives at your home on walk day to pick up your dog and practices polite greetings at the door and loose leash walking to the vehicle.
  4. Your dog is transported to the walking trail and practices waiting until released to exit the vehicle, loose leash walking to  an on leash area and practicing good behaviour to earn more freedom on the leash.
  5. Your dog enjoys an hour of exercise with recall, stay, polite greetings and polite play all practiced throughout the walk.
  6. Your dog is transported home tired and happy.
  7. You arrive home from work and your dog tells you all about the fun walk we had that day.
  8. If you prefer for us to walk and train in your neighborhood- no problem-


Bid Dog and Little Dog

Rates and Packages


Drop-In One Hour Walk  & Train $50.00

  • pick up and drop off
  • one hour on-leash adventure
  • training practice
  • photos of walk

6-Pack 45 minute Walk &  Train $210.00 ($35.00/walk)

  • pre-paid package of 6 walks                 
  • pick up and drop off at home
  • one hour off-leash adventures                                                               
  • training practice
  • photos of walk

12-Pack One Hour Walk & Train $360 ($30/walk)

  • pre-paid package of 12 walks
  • pick up and drop off at home
  • one hour on-leash adventures
  • training practice                                                            
  • photos of walk


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