For The Love Of Pits

There was a time when the pit bull was one of the most popular family pet in the country. President Theodore Roosevelt , General George Patton and Helen Keller all owned pits. But today the breeds are more associated with gangs and violent fighting, making them the most feared, vilified and unwanted dogs in America.

For me, pits bulls are not bullies at all! I can honestly tell you that they are one  of my most favorite breeds to work with. Pit bulls are intelligent, eager and full of life; ready to take on the challenge of learning. Like any other breed, pits want to please their owners and are loyal to their family. Pits are  excellent at agility training because of their strength and energy level. To observe a pit’s performance during agility training is magnificent.

I have a huge heart and love  for these wonderful creatures. Whenever I hear rumor, flas myths repeated or someone begins to share with me their misconception about pits, I step up to the plate and defend my pit friends. It is simply not true that they are naturally aggressive or dangerous animals.  Any animal can be terrifying and aggressive if they are placed into the right position and are afraid of humans.

Pits are misrepresented and mistreated by many abominable and disgraceful people whose chief interest is exploiting them for disgraceful acts . I abhor the abominable cruelty that this particular breeds are subjected to. Often abused or abandoned, today pit bulls are destroyed at a far higher rate than any other dog. Over breeding, improper training and neglect force about one million pit bulls to be put down each year.- more than 2,000 dogs a day. This is outrageous! I can’t tell you how many times I ‘ve had clients and rescue  organizations email me, asking me if their dog can trained.  My answer is always absolutely without a doubt yes. It takes time, patience love and consistency in training your pit. No different than any other breed.

For the real pit lovers and those who look past the ignorance  myths of pit bulls- I embrace you and appreciate your ability to truly love  your pit as your loving ,playful and loyal companion.

Did you know that that the history of pit  bulls date back to the 1800’s  when they were commonly used on farms and cattle ranches to herd animals. They were even trusted to watch the children while the adults worked the fields. In England, the Staffordshire bull terrier was so good with children that it became known as the ” Nanny Dog”.

Pit Bulls are simply not the aggressive monsters that their detractors claim they are. In fact they are highly intelligent, and with “proper training” can be loyal and loving companions. I is not the breed that makes a great companion. All dogs are great companions. Clear communication creates a partnership  and dogs have the simplest communication on the planet.