Does your dog cower at people or other dog or other things in his environment, even inanimate objects? Does he appear to be scared either in his own home or out in public? Does he seem frightened of the world around him in general? Or maybe it’s just strangers or new dogs, or even the vacuum cleaner? The Fearful Fido class is appropriate for fearful dogs that are ready to try a class environment, but need a controlled and calm setting. It is a behavior modification class designed for the dog who is very anxious in new situations or around new people or dogs.

This class is for the dog who consistently reacts by showing fearful behaviors like trembling, whining, hiding, snapping, or fear biting. The goal is to increase overall social confidence and help show you how to safely manage and support your fearful dog. Through reward based training games and desensitization, we will help you build your dog’s confidence and create a positive environment to ease the fears of your shy companion. This Class is for dogs that react out of fear by turning inward, shutting down, running away, or hiding.

Our Fearful Fido Classes are designed to build self- confidence and will teach you how to help your fearful dog cope with and ultimately enjoy new experiences.

This class will cover techniques and skills to help your dog deal with their fear. We will also work on desensitizing dogs to different triggers and creating positive associations with things they are normally scared of. Throughout class dogs will also participate in different activities to help boost their confidence..Classes are held outside in real life scenarios where we can slowly teach your canine that he can trust again in a safe conditioned environment.

Fearful Fido is not appropriate for aggressive dogs. If you are unsure about which class to take with your dog, please give us a call.

If your dog is afraid of someone in your home, guests, other dogs, afraid of experiences new environment, your dog will make wonderful progress in our class.

Our Fearful Fido Class is about building your dog’s confidence and about teaching you what drives your dog. This class is for the dog who consistently reacts to new situations, people or other dogs by showing fearful behaviors such as: trembling, hiding, snapping, whining, snapping.

Our goal is work your Fearful Fido through this phase using positive reinforcement. Together we will increase his self- confidence and sense of security.

Dealing with challenging behavior from your dog can be very isolating and leave you feeling like you are the only one out there with a difficult dog. This is definitely not the case and the fearful fido classes are designed to increase confidence in the handlers as well as in their dogs. Having a support network of people who understand and are dealing with the same thing is very comforting and we know you will pick up some very important skills and tips.

The mission of our Fearful Fido classes is to lower how reactive your dog is to the things your dog is frightened of using purely positive methods. This makes the process as stress free as possible and in many cases very enjoyable too. There is a lot of emphasis on handler skills – knowing what to do when your dog reacts badly to something. We also cover changing how frightened and reactive your dog is by altering their emotional state – the root cause of the bad behavior. We cover how to prevent your dog reacting by using different management techniques and how this also aids recovery. We teach lots of management skills too, these will include brilliant obedience and alternative behaviors. We also have some fun doing some tricks and scent work. If you get the training bug you can go on to do Fearful Fido Agility!

You will need to bring

You will also need LOTS of yummy treats – High value training treats such as meat or cheese are good. You will be using a lot of small food rewards so you will need to wear something that has easy access pockets so that the treats do not fall out or a training treat pouch designed for the job.
You can also bring your dogs favorite toy too – this will be essential if you go on to do Fearful Fido Agility.
You may wish to bring something to keep your dog entertained between turns. Examples could include stuffed and perhaps frozen Kongs, dog chews like bull’s puzzles, meaty bones and pigs ears, squeezy cheese in a tube for refilling interactive toys etc.
Please also bring a blanket or lightweight bed for your dog to settle on during the lesson.

Class Schedule: To Be Announced

Class Schedule:

September 4

7 PM to 8 PM

5 week course