Welcome to Puppy Agility & Obstacle Class

If you’ve been waiting for Our new Puppy Agility & Obstacle classes — Wait No Longer! You and your puppy will have a blast with as we introduce you and your puppy to all the agility obstacles. Your puppy will learn how to confidently and safely execute all agility obstacles while building the necessary skills for entering advanced classes. Our Puppy agility course is an eight-week course. The first class is orientation without the puppies.

Puppy Agility and Obstacle class is about building coordination, learning ability, strength, toy drive, relationship and of course having fun!!

Beginner agility equipment is great for encouraging your puppy to experience different heights and surfaces. Puppies should not be doing strenuous activity like jumping on or off great heights as this can damage growing bones, but pieces of equipment that are low to the ground such as tunnels are all good for encouraging confident and safe investigation.

This exciting class consists of obstacle courses that you and your dog complete together. Up a ramp, over jumps, through a pool of balls, and into a tunnel…all while you and your pup are focusing on your teamwork and having fun. Each course is completed on leash, allowing dogs of all training abilities to join in. Don’t miss out on all the fun!

Register today and be amazed at what your puppy can accomplish!

Puppy Agility Class are designed for the little guys 12 weeks to 6 months old to build confidence in your pup. This class teaches attention, teamwork skills (for both you and your Puppy) with safe and appropriate groundwork for agility. Highly recommend that toy breeds take this course.

Prerequisite: Puppies must have completed Puppy Kindergarten

Socialize and desensitize your puppy while introducing it and you to the wonderful world of canine agility. Your puppy will learn to be comfortable walking on different surfaces, have fun going over small jumps and through tunnels and to follow you, the handler.

The focus of this class is on confidence building through the juvenile developmental fear periods. Its a perfect next step after Puppy Kindergarten. Owners will learn to teach puppies fun things like mini agility obstacles while also reinforcing basic manners like sit, down, come, and walk on a loose leash.

Relationship-building exercises as well as further socialization to sights, sounds, and smells will be covered. There will be small, limited session of Puppy Play with respect to size and temperament of each puppy. Because your puppy is still growing, the jumps will be lower to protect your puppy’s bones. the program is designed to give your rambunctious pup a play to play and grow.

Puppy Agility training gives your puppy life skills and appropriate behavior skills. Best of all, it helps you establish a good relationship with your puppy, making all of your time together more rewarding.

Whether you want to try agility just for fun or are thinking about competing in agility, this class is a perfect introduction to the sport. Using cutting-edge training approaches, owners learn how to direct their dog through a course and dogs learn how to confidently and quickly perform each agility obstacle.

Puppy Agility introduces you and your puppy to all the agility obstacles: jumps, dog walk, teeter, A-frame, chute, tunnels, weave poles and tire jumps. Your dog will learn how to confidently and safely perform each obstacle, both on and off leash. You will learn the skills required to teach your puppy how to safely execute all agility obstacles and build the necessary skills for entering advanced classes.

Handler & Dog Skills:

  • Attention
  • Motivation
  • Recalls
  • Stretching
  • Targeting
  • Shaping Behaviors
  • Basic Groundwork (following the hand, circle work, straight-line running)
  • Tugging
  • Puppy Agility Obstacles (ground poles, tire, table, tunnel, chute, wobble board, teeter, ladder)
  • Socialization

Class Schedule: May 4 (6:50- 7:50 pm)

Location: Dog Gone Happy Day Care & Boarding

7041 Old Wake Forest Road Raleigh NC 27616

Cost: $210 for the entire 8-week class session