The Value of Rewarding Your Dog

Identifying and providing high-value rewards for good behavior is a crucial element to positive reinforcement. Often referred to as ‘reward-based’ training, the appropriate and timely delivery of a reward during training makes a dog more confident and able to manage successfully in a domestic environment. Importantly, this positive interaction between dog …Read More

Why Nosework Works

In its early years Nosework was recognized as the sport of choice for shy or reactive dogs.  In many ways it was the go to sport when other sports were out of reach.  Times are changing…  now it’s “the thing” to start with a puppy.  I myself will be choosing …Read More

Top Five Tips For Training Your Dog

Train early and practice often. Early training (at 8 weeks) trumps genetics. Be proactive and you can prevent many problems

Socialize, socialize, socialize. Socialization is the most important thing your dog will ever learn. Socialization skills with humans, other dogs and tolerance of moving objects are the most difficult challenges.

Listen to what …Read More


Aggression in dogs is a massive issue. From dog bite prevention and public safety to the pet overpopulation problem due to over-capacity animal shelters, aggression is a leading cause of many of the major problems in the dog world.

Dogs aggress under many different circumstances from leash reactivity to territorial issues, …Read More