Training Your Canine

Training your dog or a new puppy takes patience, consistency and time. Unfortunately many dog owners become frustrated when their dog doesn’t perform as quickly they want. Dogs are not born into this world understanding how to live in a human’s world; their instinct is to live among packs. They …Read More

Canines And Their Chews

Did you know that Bully sticks serves several purposes for them. Chewing Bully Sticks provides instant gratification. They have a firm texture and a little bit of crunch which Dogs enjoy. It also passes time, helps clean teeth and gives their jaws a workout. Bully Stick also gives them something to destroy instead of your …Read More

What Is Pet Therapy?

Pet therapy involves the unconditional love of a animal for a human being. Pets bring so much joy to our lives. Interacting with animals is good for our physical state of mind as well as our psychological state of mind. “Pet Therapy” or “Dog Therapy” are names given to describe …Read More