…the best money we ever spent!

Hi Christie!

Halley is doing great! People are amazed at the difference in her attitude…and in our attitudes as well!

Our pit-mix,Halley, has been a problem in our home for three of her six years. Because of her fighting with our other dogs and her aggression towards visitors, we were forced to muzzle her. It broke our hearts, but we didn’t want to have to put her down. We took this 4 week Ferocious Fido class and saw a huge difference after the first week! Halley has been muzzle free for a month now and my husband and I are finally in charge.

People have noticed the difference in her behavior and she is obviously a much happier dog! If anyone is considering this course, I can tell you it was the best money we ever spent! Our Halley would recommend it too! Christie is patient and knowledgeable.

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about our experience.

We cant thank you enough for changing our lives and saving Halley’s!